‘Workflow’ – tell people where your content is!

If you are currently using the ePortolio platform Workflow (and many are) if you make content public please please please make sure that the URL (web address) you share with those you would like to access and review your content is not the ‘edit’ URL – ie. the URL you see when you are editing!

This is a public URL – you will be able to click on it and see content – go on, try:


This is the URL I see (which will not work for you – try it) when I edit this page:


Please have a look at the differences between the two – this will help you to share the correct code with people you want to be able to access your content (once you have made it public).

If you have created a public page which then links to other pages which you (and more importantly others) cannot see – please check the links you have used.